2006 – today. Systematic Success



In 2006, the second factory of UNICCOMP was built in Geretsried, Germany.



BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Egypt Ltd. (BKE) was established in 2008. It is responsible for the sales, distribution and service of BAUER equipment, together with accessories and spare parts, for diving and industrial facilities in Egypt.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN India Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of BAUER COMP Holding GmbH, Munich, Germany, and was incorporated in December 2008. The company is located in the historical & industrial city of Pune in western Maharashtra and is engaged in the sales, service, overhauling and local manufacturing / packaging of BAUER products.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN China’s first office was established in Hong Kong in 2002. Operations were expanded in 2008 with the opening of a further office – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Shanghai Ltd. – in Shanghai.

ADNOC – BAUER’s biggest project.
Totaling over 80 million EUR, this project was initiated by the Executive Council l Nahyan under the leadership of H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed.

We were awarded with installing 50 x CNG refueling stations for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and it is the biggest project in our history.

Venturing out to Australia and Russia


Venturing out to Australia and Russia.
BAUER KOMPRESSOREN based in Sydney, NSW was founded in 2010 as the Australian subsidiary of BAUER Group Holding.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Russia based in Moscow, was founded in 2010 as the fully owned subsidiary of BAUER COMP Holding, Munich, Germany.

2010 - German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel at the opening of our Natural Gas Filling Station in Abu Dhabi


German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel at the opening of our Natural Gas Filling Station in Abu Dhabi.
German Chancellor Dr. Merkel officiated the first natural gas filling station we built in cooperation with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in Khalifa City.

At this event, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN and ADNOC signet additional contracts to deliver more stations in a double-digit volume with the presence of Sheikh Mohammed and the German Chancellor Dr. Merkel.

2012 - The third generation took over the ownership of the BAUER GROUP and BAUER KOMPRESSOREN India Pvt Ltd achieved its ISO achievement and implemented SAP ByD


The third generation took over the ownership of the BAUER GROUP.
Dr. Monika Bayat took over the ownership of the BAUER Group from her father Heinz Bauer. She runs the company together with her husband Philipp Bayat.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN India Pvt Ltd achieved its ISO achievement and implemented SAP ByD.
BAUER KOMPRESSOREN India received the ISO award. With this award, it played “role model” to BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Gulf GCC in Dubai and BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Shanghai’s ISO certification.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN India is also the first in the Group to implement SAP ByD and the Group’s SAP team is set up here in Pune.

2013 - Hannover Messe & New manufacturing plant


New subsidiaries in Spain, Brazil and South Korea.
BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Korea Ltd in Seoul, South Korea, BAUER COMPRESSORES Brasil Ltda. in São Paulo, Brazil, and BAUER KOMPRESSOREN SERVICE S.L. in Barcelona, Spain, are the most recent members of the BAUER GROUP.

Visited by 2 World Leaders at Hannover Messe 2013.
Dr. Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin visited our stand at Hannover Messe. On display were our BK 52 compressors which can refuel up to 2000 vehicles per day; and the world's smallest natural gas refueling station designed for continuous operation designed for small vehicle fleets which is most viable for expanding the supply of natural gas and biogas to remote regions, suited to a large and diverse terrain like Russia.

On 11st October 2013 BAUER KOMPRESSOREN started to build his new manufacturing plant in Geretsried.

Around 130 employees from production, quality management and procurement will move from Munich to Geretsried.

2014 - Headquarter BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH Germany, Y40 deepest indoor diving pool and BAUER COMPRESSORS Inc. expanded


BAUER KOMPRESSOREN moved R&D, Sales and Administration.
R&D, Sales and Administration from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN moved to our brand new office in Munich.

Y40 – With BAUER breathing air in the deepest indoor diving pool in the world.
BAUER KOMPRESSOREN deliver two high-powered, soundproofed compression systems to the deepest indoor diving pool in the world Y40 (40 m deep) at Montegrotto / Italy. The indoor diving pool is certificated with the BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s own in-house PureAir System to guaranteed pure air.

We completed a US$20 million dollar investment on the renovation/expansion of BAUER COMPRESSORS Inc. in Norfolk, USA, with the aim of increasing our manufacturing capacity and meet our customers’ needs. The event was graced by the Governer Terry McAuliffe, Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim and the Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones and was attended by the owners.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN India Pvt Ltd moved to our own brand new office.
BAUER KOMPRESSOREN India Pvt Ltd in Pune, India moved from our rented office to our own brand new office. In the short span of 6 years since BKI started operations, it has grown 8-fold and the new building has a workshop space of over 1,200 sq metre and an office space of 600 sq metre to cater to our expanding business.

2015 - New home for BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH, Munich and BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS (France) 30th Anniversary


New home for BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH, Munich.
BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH moved from Munich to Geretsried, which is 30 km away to be next door to its block production UNICCOMP.

The new facility has a floor space of 5,000 sq metre and is installed with the latest State-of-the-Art technology. The investment cost 15 million EUR in total and will bring our production and assembly processes closer together.

BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS (France) 30th Anniversary.
On 1st October 2015 we celebrated BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS 30th Anniversary with over 50 customer and guests on its premises in Aix-les-Bains, France.

Partnership with Pioneering spirit aka (“also known as”) Pieter Schelte.
16 units of compressors were successfully installed on the world’s largest platform installation/decommissioning and pipelay vessel, the Pioneering Spirit (which was formally named Pieter Schelte).

CNG M Series
BKI Indien


New range of natural gas systems for COMPACT, X-FILL and M-SERIES
On the occasion of its 70 year anniversary, BAUER announces the new range of natural gas systems that its engineers have been hard at work developing in Munich and at the firm's North American site. The main objective of this new development is to deliver the tried and tested plant technology in a highly streamlined and compact form.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN India Pvt Ltd moves into new premises
With the opening of a new and modern site in Pune, the BAUER GROUP is continuing its expansion strategy.

New chinese factory


BAUER KOMPRESSOREN China Ltd. – strong growth thanks to new plant
Thanks to the new factory in Shanghai, BAUER China is able to achieve enormous growth levels and is optimally equipped for new market challenges and foreseeable growth prospects.

The new BK 26 - an outstanding compressor becomes even better
In comparison to the previous model, the new compressor block shines with even more compact dimensions and exemplary quiet running. Thanks to minimal oil consumption and low-maintenance operation, the new BK26 also impresses in extreme conditions in continuous operation with particularly high efficiency and low TCO.

Compression redefined: The new MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS series
The new MINI-VERTICUS & VERTICUS systems set the future standard in the field of stationary high-pressure compressors. They combine the quality and reliability of the previous system ranges with a completely new design, and significantly quieter operation and integration of the system with a smartphone via B-APP.

Cutting-edge with B-APP
The B-APP facilitates quick and easy remote access and control of the new system range via smartphone, and includes calculation tools, an up-to-date worldwide dealer search function and helpful BAUER videos.



BAUER congratulates the rescuers in Thailand
In Northern Thailand, twelve members of a junior football team and their coach have their return route cut off during a cave excursion. All those missing are successfully extricated from the cave unharmed during a lengthy and exceptionally risky rescue operation – MARINER systems from BAUER guarantee the air supply of the rescue divers during the operation.

B-DETECTION PLUS celebrates at the boat world première
The new "state-of-the-art" system continuously measures the content of harmful substances such as oil, CO and CO2 in breathing air with maximum precision and shuts down the system in an emergency if the limit values are exceeded.

BAUER puts the Mahawi Station into operation in Dubai>
The largest natural gas station on the Arabic peninsula is unsurpassed on all counts: 50 heavy goods vehicles or 1000 cars can fill up here each day.



The first ever presentation of the new GIB-SP range is the highlight at the Hanover trade fair
This compact powerhouse, an ingenious combination of screw and piston, combines maximum free air delivery with a compact design.

The new PureAir Gold certification requires the use of a B-DETECTION PLUS system. This means it will in future provide maximum safety when it comes to breathing air quality for divers and fire-fighters.

Breathing air measurement any time, anywhere
B-DETECTION PLUS is now also available as a robust, spraywater-protected case solution with rechargeable battery for mobile use worldwide.