The industrial booster series from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN – For the compression of air, nitrogen, helium, argon, heliox, natural gas and gas mixtures

Water-cooled boosters

The industrial booster series by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN impress with a crankcase that is pressure-resistant up to 16 bar.

Deliberately optimised for gas-tightness, compression to the required final pressure is possible without losses for the cost-effective recovery and decanting of noble gases and gas mixtures.

By using targeted water cooling between the interstage and afterstage coolers and valve heads, the system enables the majority of the heat produced to be absorbed by the cooling water.

As a result, these boosters require very little maintenance and achieve long service lives. At the same time, they are quieter than comparable air-cooled compressor units and ideal for installation under conditions in which air cooling would not be possible.

Compressors from BAUER – made in Germany.

The technical concept of water cooling