System inspection

Do you want to know the current technological status of your system? Are you unsure of the safety situation with your pressure vessel?

Examples of a plant inspection:

  • Documentation of the current data or creation of a quote for replacing electrical and mechanical components, systems and controls
  • Testing of all relevant system components such as compressors, motors or cycle counters on pressure vessels
  • System optimisation such as enlarging the filter system or modifying delivery performance
  • Recommendation for further operation in line with changing requirements
  • TÜV tests in accordance with current legislation

Who can really benefit?

  1. For older systems, investment evaluations and acquisition of used equipment
  2. For systems with incomplete documentation or incomplete certificates
  3. For scheduled system overhauls and modernisation plans
  4. For industrial companies that do not have a maintenance contract in place and that use a separate works customer service organisation

Benefits to you:

  1. Improved system safety
  2. Clear investment cost calculation and protection of investment
  3. Optimal adaptation to changing conditions