Target group:

Participant of the diving application range.
All operators of a BAUER B-BLENDING unit – e.g. diveclub members, diveshop workers, persons who are entrusted with the operation of a BAUER B-BLENDING unit, all users who are to get a NITROX filling authorisation.


Compressor technology Level-1 course

  • Basic functions
  • Operation of the unit
  • Safe handling of pure O2, its connection- and control components
  • Compressor control unit B-CONTROL II
  • Safety rules acc. to European high pressure vessel regulations and to Breathing Air Standard DIN/EN 12021:2014
  • Accident prevention regulation
  • Safe handling of oxygen-filled gas cylinders and accessories
  • Ordering of spare parts
  • Maintenance and installation requirements
  • Remedy of operating troubles

A certificate of completion will be awarded upon completion of the course. (validity 3 years)


1 Day


4-12 Participants

This course is offered in these training facilities:

  Price excl. VAT Schedules German Schedules English Online-Application
Germany EUR 390,- Nov 29, 2024 Trainings Centre in Germany

The price covers the tuition for the course, all study materials and workshop manuals, as well as lunch on both days of the course.

The course contents differ between countries, as the courses are adapted to each country's special rules and regulations. Please refer to your training facility for further and more detailed information.