BAUER KOMPRESSOREN based in Sydney, NSW was founded in 2010 as the Australian subsidiary of BAUER Group Holding.

As a subsidiary of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN a world market leader in manufacturing of Medium and High Pressure Compressors and Systems, offering a wide range of capacity and pressures. Together with a wide spectrum of add-ons and accessories, we offer customised solution for each application and requirements.

The mission is to offer our customers and distributors the combined worldwide benefits of expertise and know-how of over 65 years.

BAUER specialises in:

  • Breathing Air
  • Sports Target Shooting
  • Paintball
  • Air and Gas Purification Systems
  • Industrial Air & Gases also Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc
  • Gas injection technology
  • CNG/NGV (Compressed Natural Gas) for vehicle filling and compressing stations and systems

BAUER Australia is certified: Quality Assurance ISO 9001

Customer Care Service programme:

  • BAUER Australia provides unsurpassed standards in quality customer care from a team of highly qualified and experienced Professional staff with over 25 years of service experience in Australia.
  • Established workshop facility.
  • The high quality standards of BAUER customer care means only genuine replacement parts are used in all our service programmes.

For further information on BAUER products and service contact us on:

19 Cavasinni Place

Wetherill Park
Sydney, NSW 2164, Australia
+61 2 / 9756 – 2700
+61 2 / 9756 – 1700

Company building BAUER Australia
Company building BAUER Australia
The team of the BAUER subsidiary in Sydney
The team of the BAUER subsidiary in Sydney
BAUER Australia Service Vehicles
BAUER Australia Service Vehicles