As a result of Bavarian craftsmanship and world renowned German manufacturing excellence BAUER compressors are today operating in the vastly diverse markets of high pressure air and gases. The name of BAUER is linked to a reputation of reliability and market leading energy efficiency, with a product range adaptable to all working environments and user demands.
BAUER products entered the China market almost 30 years ago and has grown to be recognized as a preferred supplier in the majority of our focus markets:

  • Aerospace
  • Offshore exploration
  • Rare gas recovery
  • Power plants
  • Civil defense
  • Breathing air protection
  • Diving and fire-fighting, etc.

Having worked hard to earn this reputation for the highest of manufacturing and product quality, BAUER is now a designated brand for many large-scale or state-owned companies and entities in China. 
To improve the support to BAUER China customers, its first subsidiary in China, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN China Ltd. is registered in 2003 followed in 2008 by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Shanghai Ltd. and then BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Beijing Ltd., our third office is registered during 2013 and are responsible for

  • Mainland China,
  • Hong Kong & Macau,
  • Mongolia, etc.

These facilities provide BAUER customers with technical support, compressor and spare parts stock, service and maintenance support and importantly compression system training facilities to ensure our customers have access to the varying levels of knowledge they desire.

For further information on BAUER products and service contact us on:

No. 97 Honghe Road

Min Hang Shanghai 200245

+86 21 / 5471 – 3598
+86 21 / 5471 – 3818

4-1012 Purple International
#2 Yinhe South Str.
Shijingshan, Beijing, 100040
+86 10 / 6870 – 5035
+86 10 / 6870 – 5036
Unit 1802, Seaview Centre
139-141 Hoi Bun Road
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
+852 / 2595 – 1898
+852 / 2595 – 0878
BAUER Shanghai
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BAUER Shanghai Reception Area
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BAUER China Team
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BAUER Beijing Office
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