High-pressure air and gas applications

Shipbuilding industry and shipping

Shipping is absolutely essential for the worldwide transportation of goods in large volumes. In Germany alone, more than 25% of foreign trade volume is handled via the sea.

Some goods such as crude oil are transported on ships almost exclusively. Military shipping is also essential in order to secure sea routes and protect national interests.

Numerous international treaties serve the interests of safety both above and below water, and protect human life and the natural environment.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN has been making the grade for decades by delivering quality, design and production at the very highest technical level.

In everything we do, we work according to the principle of "safety not being negotiable".

Specific applications of BAUER compressors

  • Rendering tanks inert during loading and unloading
  • Generation of starting air for marine diesel engines
  • On-shore air and gas supply
  • Breathing air supply for the fulfilment of SOLAS regulations
  • Heliox Transfer and Reclaim

Who are the customers of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN?

  • Marine equipment manufacturers
  • Shipbuilders
  • Shipping companies

The benefits BAUER KOMPRESSOREN can offer you

  • Wide range of standard systems and accessories
  • Development of technical solutions to meet customer-specific requirements
  • Expertise in the delivery of solutions to meet application-specific requirements
Which BAUER compressors support this type of application?
The series Free air delivery rates Pressure ranges Medium
Air-cooled compressors
Water-cooled compressors
Air-cooled boosters
Water-cooled boosters
Treatment systems
Breathing air – COMPACT-LINE
Breathing air – PROFI-LINE II
Breathing air – VERTICUS
6 m³/h – 300 m³/h 50 – 500 bar

– Air
– Nitrogen
– Breathing air

– Helium

– Heliox