BAUER fuel gas systems (FGS) – With high pressure for environment, mobility and cost-effectiveness combined with uncompromising safety and best possible quality

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is the high pressure specialist you can rely on for (CNG) natural gas or bio-methane filling stations, for bio-methane infeed compressors and recompressors, for filling systems as well as for forward distribution of LCNG or other special gases.

Our extensive competence combined with more than 70 years' experience of powerful high-pressure systems is reflected in the unrestricted safety of all of our products. This excellent expertise also guarantees that you will receive the best possible advice when designing and dimensioning your projects – whatever your application.

BAUER FGS systems for CNG and bio-methane are modular, scalable, impressively reliable and will always produce tailor-made customer-specific solutions. BAUER is your one-stop shop not only for all system components, such as CNG compressors, gas dryer and filter systems, storage units, refuelling equipment (e.g. CNG fill post), but also for our comprehensive range of support services.

The result is perfectly matched CNG system components which are setting standards where operational performance is concerned. This is 100% BAUER quality, 100% made in Germany.