News 2012

10/16/2012 – Messeerfolg in Kasachstan

Die KIOGE, feierte vom 02.-05.10.2012 in Almaty ihr 20-Jähriges Jubiläum. Und BAUER KOMPRESSOREN zeigte mit einem repräsentativen Stand auf dieser bedeutendsten Öl-und Gasmesse im rohstoffreichen Zentralasien als Weltmarktführer im Bereich Hochdruck-Kompressorsysteme Flagge. Read more


To celebrate our 66-year anniversary BAUER KOMPRESSOREN will grant a discount of € 666 on BAUER KOMPRESSOREN list price for selected units of the POSEIDON EDITION series (the PE 300-VE, PE 400-VE, PE 250-HE and the PE 300-HE) during the promotion period from 01/10 - 31/12/2012. Additionally, for every order of these units an original BAUER filter cartridge as well as the first maintenance kit (500 hours / 1 year) is provided for free. Read more

07/13/2012 – International visitors crowd the ACHEMA booth of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

The world's largest exhibition for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology ended last week in Frankfurt with a host of potential customers at the widely praised BAUER KOMPRESSOREN booth. The highlight was BAUER's exhibit of a water- or air-cooled 23 compressor, which is used in numerous fields in the oil and gas industry. Read more

04/19/2012 – BAUER in the front row – German-Chinese Economic Forum

The German-Chinese economic talks are continuing intensively at a high level – and BAUER is present quite literally in the front row. Philipp Bayat, the representative of the BAUER GROUP, will, on Monday 23 April, be taking part in the German-Chinese Economic Forum in Hanover along with the Premier of the People's Republic of China Wen Jiabao, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Chinese Minister for Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei. Read more

03/27/2012 – Successful trade fair appearances in early-2012 for BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

The trade fair season gets underway for BAUER KOMPRESSOREN with two international highlights. As every year, the world’s leading water sports trade fair “boot” marked the beginning. This was followed shortly afterwards by the technology trade fair at the Lenexpo in Russia. Read more

02/13/2012 – To the Middle Kingdom with the German Chancellor

An auspicious handshake. Philipp Bayat, CEO of the BAUER GROUP, joined the German trade delegation on the German Chancellor's visit to China from 1 to 4 February 2012. During talks with that country's most prominent political leaders and captains of industry, Philipp Bayat had the honour of meeting China's Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. Read more

01/02/2012 – Customer Support Service takes shape

With a new group in the service area, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN wishes to offer its customers more service and ensure the clear entry, documentation, fast processing and feedback of customer complaints. In addition to recording complaints and specific customer problems, the responsibilities of Customer Support (CS) also cover the targeted sustainable search for solutions for sustainable fault avoidance. Read more