We can bring your system in line with the latest technology!

Examples of upgrades:

  • Enlargement of filtration equipment
  • Testing and interval change of filter housings in accordance with legal or TÜV requirements for the country in question
  • Update of electrical control systems, PLCs and sensors
  • Program updates
  • Precautionary replacement of compressor blocks after maturity date from our pool system
  • Incorporation of technological advancements and new developments and innovations
  • Installation of remote monitoring and internet access via VPN

Who can really benefit?

  1. For customers who want to stay ahead of the technological curve
  2. For changing conditions and legal requirements 
  3. To ensure system safety, energy reduction plans or environmental aspects

Benefits to you:

  1. Upgrades allow you to protect your investment in your BAUER system
  2. Guarantee of the longevity of your systems
  3. Ongoing cost reduction
  4. Continuous improvement of environmental compatibility