The process

More than 10 different versions of gas injection technology, each of which has its own specific benefits, can be deployed as appropriate for the production situation at hand.

Examples of some important GIT processes:

  • Short shot injection technology (blowing out)
  • Full shot injection technology
  • Full shot – back into the barrel injection technology
  • Core pull injection technology

Two of the most commonly used processes are described below:

With short shot or blowing out, the original process, approx. 50 – 90% of the cavity is filled with plastic.

Displacement of the plastic core fills the cavity to 100%. The holding pressure function is provided solely by the gas pressure.

With full shot injection technology, there is a second cavity in the die for the plastic core of the injection-moulded part.

Once the cavity has been filled completely and the holding pressure has subsided, the access to the annex cavity, which was closed during the injection process, is opened.

The application of the gas pressure at this point pushes the plastic core into the second cavity.

The holding pressure is provided by the injection-moulding machine and the gas pressure.

BAUER customers are entitled to use the BAUER equipment they have purchased in gas injection technology applications. Many processes are not restricted by patent rights. Some processes may be restricted by patent rights belonging to third parties. BAUER cannot accept responsibility for the use of individual processes that might be covered by patents.