Benefits from the process

GIT component
GIT component

Using gas injection technology improves the quality of the parts produced. A more efficient production process can increase productivity and thus profitability significantly.
The use of gas injection technology offers the following benefits, dependent upon the process:

New ways of manufacturing the most wide and varied, technically challenging and complex plastic parts:

  • Exceptional design freedom and possibilities
  • High resistance to twisting
  • Dies are easier to make
  • Lower closing forces thanks to reduced pressure inside the die for short shot injection technology

Numerous benefits with the formation of hollow cavities:

  • Optimum surfaces / avoidance of sink marks
  • Reduction in cycle time for volume parts
  • Less material is needed

Maximum parts quality thanks to best possible use of nitrogen pressure:

  • Higher rigidity
  • Less wear
  • Optimum mould formation (avoidance of sink marks)

Tools are more straightforward due to the omission of sliders