Technical Product Designer

Technical Product Designer

Training duration

3 years
Training takes place at the company training sites and at vocational college.

Field of work

Technical Product Designers work in all design, development and sales support areas in the company.

Professional skills

  • plan and create visual representations using 3D/CAD software programs,
  •  use design, layout, illustrative and customer specifications and use these to create 3D/CAD data records and technical documentation,
  •  assess manufacturing, assembly and joining processes and integrate these results into the moulding, design and construction process,
  •  manufacture technical supporting documentation and perform specialised calculations,
  •  differentiate materials and auxiliary materials and apply industry-specific material standards,
  •  contact the company-specific simulation method and investigate the behaviour of components and assemblies,
  •  create and present technical documentation, products, goods and services under application and consideration of 3D/CAD software programs, taking advantage of current communications, graphics and image processing applications
  •  research in databases and data networks, including the requirements of data protection, structure, collect data and facts, and manage, secure and maintain files,
  •  assist in providing information, advice and support for customers,
  •  plan, organise and coordinate work processes, as well as design and illustration processes,
  •  apply quality assurance measures, monitor and assess results,
  •  work in a team, using processes and in projects using project planning, execution and control methods,
  •  contact fundamentals of cost accounting and process calculations to calculate work orders and run success checks,
  • use English language documents, correspond and communicate with customers in English.