The new generation of the B-CONTROL SUPERIOR allows automatic base and peak load operation as a higher-level and external control unit.

The SUPERIOR can control up to 5 compressors in passive and/or active interconnected operation as well as an additional SECCANT.

The base load change of the interconnected compressors takes place automatically. The control unit also automatically detects which compressors are switched off or have a malfunction.

Moreover, the B-CONTROL MICRO +Net with 3.5“ colour display is now also installed, combining visual appeal and functionality.

All the information you need at your fingertips!


  • 3.5" colour display with plain text
  • Fully automatic control of up to 5 compressors plus 1 SECCANT
  • Data logger & logbook to store event history
  • Simple software update via SD card or B-CLOUD
  • Password protection for different menu levels
  • Language selection (German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and others)
  • The B-CONTROL SUPERIOR is B-CLOUD-compatible and thus ideally equipped for the digital future
  • The standard scope of delivery of the B-CONTROL SUPERIOR includes a CAN bus module for active interconnected operation plus the digital modules for controlling up to 5 compressors in passive interconnected operation.
  • The B-CONTROL SUPERIOR can also be retrofitted to existing systems.