Automatic selector unit

Automatic selector
Automatic selector

The automatic selector unit enables compressed air cylinders to be filled quickly and simultaneously in parallel from a single storage system (buffer) and via the compressor.

How it works:

The storage bottle connected to the filling panel takes priority for filling, i.e. the storage system and the compressor always start by filling the breathing air cylinders at the filling panel.

Once these cylinders have been filled completely, the storage system is topped up by the compressor.

When the maximum filling pressure is reached in the storage system, the compressor shuts down again entirely automatically. As soon as the next empty compressed air cylinder is connected to the filling panel, the fully automatic filling cycle starts again from the beginning.

More about how the automatic selector unit works

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The automatic selector unit performs 3 important functions

  • Advance filling of the compressed air cylinders from the storage system by means of compressed air overflow up to the pressure equalisation point.
  • Filling of the connected compressed air cylinder directly by the compressor until the cylinder filling pressure is reached.
  • Topping up of the storage system until the maximum storage pressure is reached.
BAUER high-pressure storage B 160
BAUER high-pressure storage B 160

BAUER high-pressure storage
BAUER high-pressure storage system for optimum operation of the compressor unit. Recommended for high collection rates and the immediate availability of breathing air. Read more

Scope of delivery

  • Paint-finished steel baseplate for wall mounting
  • Pressure retention valve
  • Check valve
  • Pressure switch or pressure sensor, depending on the connected compressor control
  • Pressure gauge