B-DETECTION PLUS i and s online gas measuring system for high-pressure applications

System Integration
System Integration

Monitoring of the breathing air for compliance with the limit values

In addition to monitoring of the compressor, measurement of the intake air or directly in the breathing air cylinder is possible

Operating pressure 350 bar or optionally up to 450 bar

Automatic flushing valve with monitoring

New CO ping test: CO sensor control for maximum safety

New: The B-DETECTION PLUS is B-CLOUD-compatible

New: Shorter response time during humidity measurement

New: Lower running costs through optimised calibration

The B-DETECTION PLUS gas measuring system monitors the quality of the breathing air you produce: measurement of CO, CO2, O2 as standard as well as optional measurement of absolute humidity and residual oil (VOC1). Automatic, continuous and reliable.

The B-CONTROL control unit allows you to monitor compliance with the limit values of breathing air standard DIN EN 12021:20141 at all times. If a limit value is exceeded, the control unit displays a visual warning message and, as an option, shuts down the unit before contaminated air can pass into the cylinders being filled.

An automatic flushing valve ensures that in cases where limit values are only exceeded briefly, the contaminated air is discharged into the open without having to interrupt the operation of the unit.

With the new generation B-DETECTION PLUS, you can test not only the ambient air but, if desired, also measure the quality of the breathing air in the cylinder itself as well as in the intake hose.

The B-DETECTION PLUS gas measuring system is available in the integrated version B-DETECTION PLUS i, the mobile version B-DETECTION PLUS m as well as the stand-alone version B-DETECTION PLUS s. The s version can easily be retrofitted to your existing BAUER compressor.

1 Humidity and oil measurement (VOC) optional. Oil measurement only on the basis of volatile hydrocarbons (VOCs). Sensor calibration based on isobutene.

All the information you need at your fingertips!

Additional features of the B-DETECTION PLUS gas measuring system for high-pressure compressors:

LEGAL CERTAINTY: The compressor can be set to shut down automatically if at least one limit value is exceeded. The system also runs a LifeCheck of all sensors before powering up. This ensures that your breathing air cylinders are filled with clean air at all times. All measured values can be logged with the B-CONTROL MICRO and exported as Excel files to an SD card, giving you, as the operator of the unit. a high level of legal certainty

PLUG AND PLAY: Supplied fully integrated from the factory or as a stand-alone version for retrofitting: The B-DETECTION AIRBOX contains a full range of all necessary accessories integrated in one housing for quick and simple retrofitting to existing systems.

SIMPLE SERVICE ACCESS: Located under the front panel of the integrated B-DETECTION PLUS i, there is a connector for fast system testing. The front panel can be opened with just one simple movement and the test gas introduced via the connector provided.

Suitable for retrofitting to any BAUER compressor

PureAir/PureAir GOLD certification possible

Humidification distance
Electrochemical sensors (CO and O2) require a certain level of gas quality in terms of humidity, pressure and temperature to ensure they function to their full potential. In fact, if the gas treatment is incorrect or even lacking, this can significantly reduce the service life of the sensors. For this reason, if the B-DETECTION is in continual use for over an hour, BAUER recommends the use of an optional humidity membrane to ensure the sensors are able to run to maximum capacity.


B-DETECTION AIRBOX: Gas sampling unit (incl. in standard scope of supply)
The pressure reduction unit allows the measuring instrument to be connected to high-pressure lines. In addition, a solenoid valve is installed in order to prevent unnecessary load on the sensors and to avoid a return flow from the pressure vessels during periods of the compressor downtime.

Ambient air pump
Ambient air pump

Ambient air pump
An additional pump installed within the measuring instrument makes it possible to check the gas composition of the intake air. For an overall CO2 content of 450 ppm or more in the intake air, we recommend using an AERO-GUARD CO2 absorber.

Automatic flashing valve
Automatic flashing valve

Automatic flashing valve
The venting device serves for the automatic flushing of compressor systems by the discharge of the compressed air into the environment. The automatic flushing valve can optionally be integrated into the B-DETECTION AIRBOX. If, during the start-up phase of the compressor, or during the compressor operation, the gas measurement values are exceeded, the compressor is switched off by the B-DETECTION PLUS and the compressed air is directed into the environment for a certain period of time via a bypass valve with muffler. If no improvement in the air values occurs after the defined period of time has elapsed, the compressor is switched off. Especially recommended for fully automated compressor operation.


With the BAUER B-CLOUD, all current gas measurement data can be accessed remotely via a computer or smartphone with B-APP so you can see at any time what air quality your breathing air cylinders are being filled with.

B-DETECTION PLUS online breathing air and gas measuring systems
  Carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), absolute humidity1, VOC1
Maximum system pressure 350 bar
Maximum permissible charging rate compressor 850 l/min
Permissible operating temperature +5°C... +45°C
CO2 Nondispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR)
CO, O2 electrochemical
Absolute humidity Via dew point
VOC (oil) Photoionization detector (PID)
CO2 0... 2.000 ppm ± 2.5 % Full scale
CO 0 … 25 ppm ± 2 % of measurement range final value
O2 0 % … 40 % O2 ± 1 % of measurement range final value
Dew-point -70 ...+60°C / 10 ... 40,000 ppm ± 2°C / 1 ppm + 20% of displayed value
VOC (oil) 0 … 1 ppm (based on isobutene as calibration gas)
Operating voltage integrated: 24 VDC; stand-alone: 100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Flow rate 1.0 ... 3.0 l/min
Weight integrated: 3 kg; stand-alone: 8.5 kg
Dimensions W × H × D [mm]
(with access)
integrated: 160 x 260 x 92; stand-alone: 462 x 354 x 184
Visual inspection and leak test Monthly
Functions check 2 Min. 3-monthly
System check Annually
Calibration dew point sensor: every 24 months

1 Optional extra
2 Includes test with test gas; kit with test gas cylinders and pressure reducer (flow meter) available from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN
3 Accuracy valid at max. +/- 10 ° C deviation from calibration temperature.

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