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The new G60V ultracompact Helium Recovery System

Munich, June 30, 2021

G60-V –The compact way to helium recovery

BAUER has developed an all-new helium recovery system in an outstandingly compact design in response to specific market demand. Standard systems which collect helium in bulky external gas balloons are often too big for many applications. Hospitals, laboratories and other medical facilities often work with small volumes of helium but have limited space. BAUER’s new G60 V system for helium recompression was designed specifically for cases like these.

The compact plug-and-play solution accommodates all the system components in a neat vertical housing that minimizes the machine footprint. As a standout feature, the gas balloon for helium collection is dimensioned in alignment with the system output and directly integrated into the housing. An ultra-compact compressor block compresses the helium from the balloon to 200 bar. After passing through the integrated gas purification system, the compressed helium then has a sufficient purity level for processing by any condenser. The system thus makes an important contribution to conserving supplies of helium, a rare gas.

At the same time, the system operator has the options of reliquification or resale to the gas supplier – a major area of potential for lowering operating costs.
The integrated B-CONTROL MICRO enables the system to be connected to B-APP and B-CLOUD. It can also be extended with interfaces such as Modbus, Profibus and Profinet.

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