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BAUER KOMPRESSOREN presented product highlights at the “boot” trade fair in Düsseldorf – An absolute eye-catcher was the PE 850 VE directly on the front corner of the stand

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN at the “boot” trade fair in Düsseldorf

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN at the Lenexpo in St. Petersburg

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN at the Lenexpo in St. Petersburg

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN at the Lenexpo in St. Petersburg

Munich, March 27, 2012

Successful trade fair appearances in early-2012 for BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

The trade fair season gets underway for BAUER KOMPRESSOREN with two international highlights. As every year, the world’s leading water sports trade fair “boot” marked the beginning. This was followed shortly afterwards by the technology trade fair at the Lenexpo in Russia.

At the “boot” trade fair in Düsseldorf, Hall 3 is traditionally reserved for the diving industry. Accordingly, BAUER, the world market leader for sport diving compressors, was also represented with a stand. Coming from the hall’s south entrance, the exceptional design and impressive size of the stand caught the eye of the visitor from the distance.

BAUER presented product highlights in Düsseldorf

An absolute eye-catcher was the PE 850 VE situated directly on the front corner of the stand. The sturdy housing can process 850 litres per minute. This makes this high-performance compressor far superior to other stationary compressors in the compact class and excels with an optimum ratio of footprint to delivery output.

Celebrating its world premiere was the highly interesting, despite its inconspicuous appearance, B-KOOL system from BAUER. It was presented within the scope of the “ideal filling space”. The system works on the basis of a refrigerant type drier and is both environmentally friendly and a real benefit for the pocket. Depending on how it is set up, B‑KOOL reduces the requirement for replacement filter cartridges by up to factor 11. This means that by using B‑KOOL it is possible to consume up to 90% fewer filter cartridges than before. This produces corresponding savings, whilst preserving valuable resources for the benefit of the environment. This is particularly advantageous for plant operators in hot locations exposed to high humidity and equally so for remote diving regions, where it is more difficult to source spare parts. These benefit the most from the savings realised.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN ensures top-quality air under water

The central presentation forum was situated directly at the diving tower in Hall 3. Here, BAUER focussed on one of the most important topics in diving: pure breathing air as per DIN EN 12021*. Although the breathing air in the scuba tank is undoubtedly by far the most important component in the diving gear, it is woefully taken for granted by many divers. With Hubert Sinzig from HUBSYS Airtech, BAUER provides some important awareness training. At a total of five well attended presentations, Sinzig provided information about the significance of good breathing air quality and presented the BAUER PureAir certification for diving centres as an example. This is meant to provide divers with a decision-making basis when it comes to choosing and booking their diving trips.

Important awards and after-hour at BAUER

A permanent item on the “boot” agenda is always the presentation of the prestigious diving award on the Thursday evening, which saw BAUER KOMPRESSOREN appear for the second time in a row as the main sponsor. On this evening, exemplary diving centres and innovative manufacturers of diving equipment are presented with a bronze dolphin by the magazine “tauchen” (German for diving) for their outstanding achievements. This award is today regarded as the ‘Oscar’ of the diving scene.

The “HAPPY BAUER” has also become an established event. At the end of the show, after everyone’s throats have become dry from all the talking, the industry meets up at the BAUER stand for a chance to chill out. Freshly pulled beer from the BIER-VERTICUS, a beer pump, which, on the outside, could easily be mistaken for a high-pressure compressor from BAUER. This unusual system also impressed the guests of the Diving Award this year, too.

Highlight in cold Eastern Europe

Shortly after the end of the “boot”, the technology trade fair at the Lenexpo took place in early March in St. Petersburg. Whilst the winter still had the pearl of the Gulf of Bothnia firmly in its grips, the industry met up at Russia’s second most important trade fair location to find out about cutting-edge technology for upcoming major projects. The BAUER stand and the neighbouring Bavarian joint stand formed the centrepiece of the hall, where several top-flight German technology companies were represented with various applications and specialist fields in the areas of shipbuilding, technology for the oil and gas industry and for the energy sector.

Thanks to their leading quality and reliability, German products generally enjoy an excellent reputation in Russia. Also the unbeatable image with regard to reliability and technical expertise of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN preceded them all the way to Russia. Since 2010, the Bavarian group has been represented in Moscow by its own subsidiary. Thanks to a broad portfolio of different gases, pressures and delivery quantities, plus the ability to develop tailor-made system solutions for a whole range of applications, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN succeeded within a very short time in tapping into a broad and fast-growing market.

Russia, a country with rich resources of natural gas, is particularly interested in complete solutions for the environmentally friendly refuelling of vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG). After all, within this field, BAUER can lay claim to numerous reference projects, for example in the Middle East, and vast experience in installations under the most extreme climatic conditions. This is a basic requirement in Russia, where installations must function reliably at temperatures as low as -40 °C.

* if unit is properly maintained and installation of units is done according to operation manual and using the BAUER AERO-GUARD if the CO₂ concentration in the intake air exceeds the predetermined standard values.

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