CNG filling stations – With powerful high-pressure systems, advanced design, energy efficiency and renowned for excellence the world over

Refuelling times of 3–5 minutes for each natural-gas passenger car (NGV)

Turnkey natural gas filling stations which are renowned for excellence the world over are the result of our many years of experience of powerful CNG high-pressure systems.

All major system components of every natural gas filling station are developed, produced and tested in-house at BAUER.

The typical scope of delivery of a natural gas filling station includes the main components, i.e. the compressor, gas dryer module, buffer and dispensing unit (CNG fill post); these can be supplied either as individual components or as a complete system.

The advanced design of the key components is based on the very latest industry technology and is constantly undergoing development. Low oil consumption, high energy efficiency of the total system and exceptional reliability and load capacity are the impressive results of this continuous and consistent process of optimisation.

Thanks to our end-to-end system control for the primary modules, i.e. the compressor, high-pressure storage and CNG fill post, we are able to provide you with the assurance that you will get the very best performance from the entire natural gas filling station.

Customers are satisfied because the optimum dimensioning of the storage system means that refuelling times are short, and maintenance overhead is minimised for the operator due to the minimum start/stop load to which the natural gas compressor is exposed.

BAUER is able to supply the ideal module-based natural gas filling station for each and every requirement:

How a natural gas compressor unit works

How a natural gas compressor unit works

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