B-FILL – the new external BAUER filling panel

B-FILL – filling panel with hose coupling and B-CONTROL MICRO
B-FILL – filling panel with hose coupling and B-CONTROL MICRO
B-FILL – filling panel with direct coupling
B-FILL – filling panel with direct coupling
B-FILL – filling panel with control interface
B-FILL – filling panel with control interface

The BAUER B-FILL external filling panel – now with a stylish new design – allows you to quickly fill breathing air cylinders. The B-FILL is now modularly expandable and can even be retrofitted. Each module is equipped with two filling connectors, as desired either with hoses or direct connections, both of which can fill at up to 200, 300 or 500 bar.

For optional control and monitoring of the system, a B-CONTROL MICRO can be installed in an additional B-FILL module. Units without a B-CONTROL can be fitted with a simple hardwired control with On and Off switching and an Emergency Stop button. Any number of B-FILL modules can be combined, allowing you to create the perfect filling panel for your requirements. 

The B-FILL is designed to function as a separate filling panel for mounting on the wall. Equipped with a remote control, it is ideal for installation in a separate room. The filling hoses surpass the strict safety requirements applicable to the filling of breathing air cylinders and are mounted on ergonomic hook-on brackets. Rebound protection in the filling valves provides effective protection for persons and ensures the highest level of operational safety even if the filling valve is opened unintentionally.

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B-FILL – External BAUER filling panels
Number of modules Dimensions (L × W × H) mm
1 module with hose coupling 440 × 240 × 180
1 module with direct filling valve 440 × 288 × 171
2 modules with hose coupling 840 × 240 × 180
2 modules with direct filling valve 840 × 288 × 171
3 modules with hose coupling 1240 × 240 × 180
3 modules with direct filling valve 1240 × 288 × 171
4 modules with hose coupling 1640 × 240 × 180
4 modules with direct filling valve 1640 × 288 × 171

Filling panel versions:

  • With hose coupling
  • With direct filling valve (direct cylinder coupling)
  • For a pressure range of PN 200, PN 300 or PN 500 bar
  • With 2 filling valves per module
  • With a choice of B-CONTROL MICRO, B-CONTROL II or hardwired control module
  •  With rebound protection in the filling valve (hose coupling)
  • With high-pressure testing of all components
  • With flushing valve with muffler
  • With CE mark

The following versions are available as options:

  • With flow limitation (by nozzle)
  • For ambient temperatures of up to -40°C

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