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The new BK26 - Front view

The new BK26 - Rear view

Munich, April 26, 2017

The new BK 26

At its launch, the water-cooled BK 26 Compressor Block was a milestone in BAUER’s compressor block range. Unlike comparable rival brands, it features extra-compact dimensions, extremely quiet operation, ultra-low thermal load and a sophisticated high-pressure lubrication system which is designed to allow the compressor to be used at extreme angles of up to 30° (roll/pitch), in situations such as on board ships.
With low oil consumption and low-maintenance operation, the BK 26 is also an ideal choice for continuous operation under challenging conditions, offering exceptional cost-effectiveness and low total costs of ownership (TCO). Now the BK 26 continues its success story in a new, redesigned version.

The redesign primarily focused on streamlining the already compact footprint of the compressor. To achieve this, the heat exchanger was relocated to the central clutch cover. The change now allows the redesigned, extra-compact BK 26 to fit horizontally into most ISO containers.

In addition, the BK 26 block is now even quieter in operation. The design improvements have reduced free inertia forces, resulting in a further significant drop in vibrations. Vibration and pulsation are now virtually undetectable.

The oil lubrication system has likewise undergone a complete redesign. With outstanding continuous operation characteristics, the new BK 26 is ideal for mission-critical applications requiring 24/7 operation. Ease of access for servicing and improved cold start properties have now been perfected. Interstage and final separators have also been optimised. Stainless steel ensures optimum corrosion resistance. Thanks to its new higher capacity, the compressor can now handle compression of wet gases, and further design changes have significantly extended inspection intervals.

Piping systems and pressure vessels comply with European standards (DIN EN 134456 and 13480).

Technical data:

  • 110/365/420 bar
  • 10,400 - 15,000 l/min
  • Water-cooled
  • For air and nitrogen
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