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One of CAT’s “smaller mining vehicles” parked next to BAUER’s CNG45 compression and storage equipment

Munich, November 02, 2015

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Australia – CAVPOWER CAT – CAT Engines Australian Compressed Natural Gas Engine Test Facility

In Autumn 2015, the CAVPOWER CAT facility in Adelaide South Australia supplied with the CNG 45 compression equipment by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Australia was officially opened.

CAT or any other similar engine build companies have never had such a test facility in the southern hemisphere for CNG, and BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Australia is very proud to be the first to supply such high level of quality and technology to CAVPOWER / CAT.

Equipment supplied by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Australia:

1 × CNG 45 (1 × IK 15.2 blocks)

3 × 20 Cylinder storage modules

Special outlet gas reduction regulator and filtration set which connects directly to the gas engines.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Australia won this project against other competitors.

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