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Munich, November 24, 2014

THE NEW GIB 26.12-SP – High performance with a compact footprint

Many users planning high-pressure compressor solutions face the challenge of high output requirements combined with limited available space.

The new GIB 26.12-SP high-pressure compressor from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is the ideal solution.

GIB 26.12-SP is available in two system variations with working pressure of 365 or 420 bar. With a 250 kW motor, the compressor reaches an output of up to 10300 l/min.
This is achieved by combining a screw compressor with a 4-stage high-pressure booster in a compact unit. The through-shaft motor simultaneously drives the V-belt screw compressor and direct-coupled booster. Where conventional solutions use separate screw and high-pressure compressors in tandem or a single compressor system, BAUER’s integrated SP system requires a single control unit and motor for both modules. A total of five compressor stages with highly efficient water cooling maintain the compressor temperature at an extremely low level. The cooling system is targeted at the interstage and afterstage coolers and valve heads, enabling the cooling water to absorb the majority of heat generated. The systems are extremely low-maintenance and are also quieter than comparable air-cooled compressors.

They are ideal for continuous industrial and heavy-duty operation, including temperature-critical environments.

The system is controlled by the BAUER B-CONTROL-II control unit in a separate control module to allow for flexible installation. The control unit offers an extensive range of monitoring and control functions and a soft starter for the 250 kW motor.

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