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The BAUER MARINER 250 packed on board

The BAUER MARINER 250 is unpacked

The BAUER compressor unit in the loading area

Munich, August 29, 2013

Update from the Polarstern research icebreaker ship

The German research icebreaker is, as already reported, out and about in the Antarctic winter with a MARINER 250 type BAUER compressor unit conducting important research work on the effect of climate change on ocean fauna.
We have just received two up-to-date reports via email from the research ship that we have reproduced unedited in their original versions:

"We've been travelling in winter conditions for a week now. On 14.8. we started out in the evening from an inhospitable bunker station in Southern Patagonia and after passing through the Straits of Magellan we steamed eastwards in the direction of the South Georgia Islands. Here we will collect fallen sediment and then the bug will turn in a southerly direction through the winter pack ice. Luckily we have good, calm weather and we're able to concentrate on the preparations and setting up the kit and equipment. The diving team is super motivated and we have already taken a major step towards being ready for operations. We expect to reach the edge of the ice in about 8 days and before we set up the ice camps we will complete a few dives from the Zodiacs. 
We get a weather update every night so we also know that summer is in full swing in Germany". 
– D. Ulrich Freier, Head of Diving Operations on the Expedition

"First of all kudos to you; after completing the test run, flushing the system and then carrying out the filling process, measured the best possible values ​​via Dräger analysis.
Unpacked the compressor, it was in good condition, undamaged and functioned without problems (if it says BAUER on the box, it's BAUER in the box).
The system is located in a slightly heated, air-conditioned room where the air is automatically quite dry.  For that reason, haven't used a suction hose going to the outside.
We've been en route for 5 days now and we're currently in line with the Falkland Islands heading East, and diving operations will start in a few days.
You can track the journey of your compressor on as well".
– Borwin Schulze, Expedition Leader for Breathing Air Supply

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