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Arctic researcher Dr Uli Freier outlines the dramatic consequences of climate change

Heinz Bauer personally welcomes Dr. Ulrich Freier

BAUER Mariner compressor in Southern Antarctica

Munich, August 04, 2017

Arctic researcher Dr Uli Freier outlines the dramatic consequences of climate change to audience at BAUER

Famous Arctic researcher Dr Uli Freier visited BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s Geretsried location recently and gave a talk of almost 90 minutes to an audience of company employees and media representatives. His subject was climate change and the consequences of rising carbon levels in the atmosphere and the oceans.

Dr Freier spent the winter of 2013 in the South Polar Sea aboard the German research vessel ’Polarstern’ with a team of international researchers, investigating the impact of climate change on krill stocks. The work involved undertaking extremely difficult and challenging ocean dives. At water temperatures below 0°Celsius, any technical problem could have placed the divers in a life-threatening situation. To rule out all risks, the expedition had chosen a specially equipped BAUER MARINER 320 compressor which provided a reliable supply of extra-dry breathing air even under the most extreme Arctic conditions.

Dr Freier then showed a short film of the expedition, giving a graphic and almost palpable picture of the physical and psychological stresses under which the team was working, He explained the current status of research, presenting the unvarnished facts in stunning graphics and clearly showing his dedication and passion for the subject. In the third part of the talk, Dr Freier gave a compact outline of the dramatic changes resulting from the current situation and the consequences humanity must expect to face in the future, all delivered with an urgency that resonated in his listeners’ minds long after he had finished.  

The profound impact of his speech on the audience was demonstrated by the lengthy discussions that followed. All listeners were unanimous in their appreciation of hearing solid facts instead fake news, and everyone went away vowing to do what they could to fight climate change at their personal level.

As a company, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN will naturally continue to support the next research journey on the ’Polarstern’ by providing a BAUER compressor system to supply reliable breathing air. The next trip is scheduled for 2018 and will visit western Antarctica to gather new findings in this area.

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