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The new POSEIDON EDITION PE-MVE – huge performance at a great price

Munich, July 23, 2015

The new POSEIDON EDITION PE-MVE – huge performance at a great price

When it came to selecting a sound-insulated breathing air compressor with a minimal footprint that also provided excellent delivery rates, the MINI VERTICUS III from BAUER was previously the first port of call.

Now, with the new POSEIDON EDITION PE-MVE model, an extremely attractive alternative – particularly when considered from a price perspective – is about to hit the market!

This has been achieved thanks to a redesign that took into account customers' requests for a model offering BAUER's customary high level of quality but incorporating fewer equipment details – enabling it to be supplied at a particularly attractive price.

The unit is operated via an automatic start/stop, making it ideal for standalone operation and situations where the extensive control and monitoring options provided by the B-CONTROL MICRO are not required.

The filter housing and the optional B-SECURUS filter monitoring system as well as the condensate vessel are mounted on the front of the housing so that maintenance can be performed easily.

As with the MINI-VERTICUS III, the compressor block is very easy to access thanks to removable doors on both sides.

In the most powerful design, the PE-MVE delivers a huge 300 l/min despite its compact size.

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