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Munich, September 04, 2015

Firefighting under pressure

Firefighters need to have top physical fitness even for “normal” operations. And fitness becomes even more essential when they need to wear breathing apparatus during fires or in contaminated environments – and have to carry equipment that can easily exceed 30 kilos in weight.

Given this, the achievements of the very best firefighters, as demonstrated in the “Firefighter Combat Challenges”, are all the more remarkable. Originally invented in the USA, the Challenges have built an enormous following as a magnet for active participants and crowds of spectators. The competitions, pitting the toughest and fittest against each other, involve simulations of normal firefighting operations. In a series of exercises ranging from carrying the hose to the fire location to performing rescue operations, firefighters display their mastery of essential characteristics including strength, fitness, skill and coordination. To be sure of a place on the winners’ podium, they must complete all the tasks in the shortest possible time.

“Fire Fighting Challenge Bavaria”, held in Geiselwind from 14 – 16 August, pushed competitors to their limits – and BAUER KOMPRESSOREN contributed to their success. A high-powered PE 400-VE system provided the participants in the Firefighter Combat Challenge and the firefighting demonstration team with the most important part of their equipment: pure breathing air in compliance with DIN EN 12021:2014.

If the competitors were hoping for a well-earned break, they’ll be disappointed: the Berlin Firefighter Combat Challenge will be held on 11 and 12 September, so their next battle is just around the corner.


The BAUER Group is a rapidly expanding, family-run medium-sized company with over 1200 employees around the world. With a turnover of around EUR 250 million, an export share of over 90% and assembly sites in the USA, Europe and Asia, the BAUER GROUP is a leading player on the global medium-and high-pressure market. The BAUER GROUP is best-known internationally for its compressors for filling breathing air cylinders, which are used by fire crews and divers. Other product areas include natural gas and biogas refuelling systems and special plants for all industrial applications, such as the chemical, petrochemical, automotive, oil, gas and power station industries.

Together with its companies UNICCOMP GmbH and BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH, the BAUER GROUP has developed a reputation in Geretsried as an attractive employer with good internal training opportunities.

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