PX filter: The medium and high pressure filters from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

PX filter: The medium and high pressure filters from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN
PX filter: The medium and high pressure filters from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

Three pressure levels: 100 bar, 250 bar and 420 bar

Filter elements: coalescence filter and activated carbon filter

Removes: Particles and oil

BAUER PX series of medium and high-pressure coalescing and active charcoal filters are designed to remove particulates, oil droplets and aerosols. They are suitable for air, nitrogen, helium, argon and other gases.

Various air/gas quality standards in accordance with ISO 8573 up to class 1 can be produced depending on the filter type and filter combination.

The solid steel filter housings withstand static and dynamic loads.

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Filter housing
Filter housing

Filter housing
PX filter series housings are made from solid steel and designed to withstand static and dynamic loads from inert gases. Solutions for other gases are optionally available.
The filter housings have connections for gas input and output, condensate drain, differential pressure gauge and wall mounting.
The pressure vessels conform to PED/2014/68/EU standard.

Filter elements
Filter elements

Filter elements
Various filter types are available with different filter grades and filter elements.
Depending on the application and the desired air or gas quality, several filters can be connected in series or combined with the P-Filter or SECCANT purification systems.
Purity classes according to ISO 8573-1:2010 up to class 1 are possible for oil removal and particle removal.

Manual condensate drain
Manual condensate drain

Manual condensate drain
Filter condensate is drained manually.

Wall mount
Wall mount

Wall mount
Practical wall mount for the filter unit, including all mounting fixtures.

BAUER PX filter for air, nitrogen, helium and argon
Max. working
Max. flow rate at
nominal pressure, 20°C
  bar l/min m³/h   kg
100 bar
PX05/100 100 14000 840 G⅜ 7.9
PX07/100 100 26000 1560 15.8
PX10/100 100 39000 2340 16.6
250 bar
PX05/250 250 14000 840 G⅜ 7.9
PX07/250 250 26000 1560 15.8
PX10/250 250 39000 2340 16.6
420 bar
PX05/420 420 14000 840 G⅜ 7.9
PX07/420 420 26000 1560 15.8
PX10/420 420 39000 2340 16.6
Filter element type
Filter type Filter material ISO 8573:2010 class Residual oil
content ¹
      Particle Water Total oil content    
P Prefilter Borosilicate micro fibres 3 99.9999% (1 µm)
M Microfilter Borosilicate micro fibres 2 < 0.1 mg/m³ ¹ 99.9999% (0.1 µm)
F Finefilter Borosilicate micro fibres 1 < 0.01 mg/m³ ¹ 99.9999% (0.01 µm)
A Activated carbon Borosilicate micro fibres,
activated carbon
1 1 ² < 0.005 mg/m³

Max. permissible input concentrations and operating conditions see data sheet.
¹ Element M and F do not remove oil vapour; values therefore only valid for droplets and aerosols.
² Filter element "A" with activated carbon layer: For removing small amounts of oil vapour.

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