The BAUER PE 100 provides the necessary pure breathing air for the dives

Dive into the fascinating underwater world of the Caribbean

Munich, May 26, 2023

Grand tour for PE 100 diving compressor

Fortune favours the brave! In this case the ones with a big, bald plan are Swiss radio journalist Karin Wenger and her German partner, electrical engineer Alexander Kiermayer , who decided to up sticks and travel the oceans of the world in their own sailing boat. After starting from the Caribbean, they are now experiencing and documenting the ecosystem of the oceans with all its various populations, communities and habitats, and communicating their knowledge to a broad public.

Although the couple only learnt to sail in 2021 during the pandemic, they bought their ocean­ going 13-metre sailing boat in 2022 and named it Mabul, after the island where they had met while diving. They have lived on the Mabul since August 2022. Both are passionate divers, and for them the underwater world is as much a part of their new "home" as their sailing voyages and the islands where they moor.

They needed a breathing air compressor for their planned diving expeditions which had to be compact and rugged, but most of all reliable, functioning smoothly even in the most remote corners of the world and requiring readily available consumables like oil and filter cartridges. No question, then, that the only model that ticked all their boxes was a BAUER. The mobile petrol-powered PE 100 which they chose has already allowed them to go exploring underwater off the British Virgin lslands, then along the rocky southern coast of Cuba, with its reefs and plentiful fish, and the crystal-clear waters off Mexico.

As they travel, they report on the fascinating underwater world of the Caribbean in their blog and photo galleries.

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