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CCR-TECDIVE protects its customers with B-VIRUS FREE from BAUER

Munich, March 31, 2021

CCR-TECDIVE protects customers with B-VIRUS FREE

CCR-TECDIVE generally does not compromise on the safety of its customers. Vienna's most modern diving school has already been certified according to the highest BAUER PureAir standard "GOLD CERTIFIED" for high-purity and constantly controlled breathing air after the installation of a BAUER B-DETECTION PLUS system for the complete monitoring of breathing air quality. Now they quickly responded to the threat of Corona by the additional installation of two brand new B-VIRUS FREE systems.

Both the new VERTICUS breathing air filling station and the VERTICUS-OX compressor with B-BLENDING from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN, which is already in operation, are now fully protected against contamination with the Corona virus. Respect! More security is not possible.

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