Nitrox mixture of up to 40% O2

Compact design

Easy to switch between nitrox and breathing air by selecting the mode of operation in the B-CONTROL II compressor control

BAUER PureAir certification possible

Combined with our compressors from the Nitrox series, you can generate nitrox with a mixing ratio of up to 40% O2 at an affordable cost and wherever space is at a premium. Uncompromising safety was our top priority in the development of B-BLENDING.

A combination of mechanical and electronic safety mechanisms ensures that the oxygen content of the gas mixture achieves the precise value you have set, irrespective of external factors.

To provide excellent flexibility, B-BLENDING is offered as a unit integrated into the compressor or for external wall mounting. To prevent operating errors, the focus was also placed on ensuring that the user interface is clear and simple to use.

The B-BLENDING system is particularly suitable for diving centres with low or average nitrox requirements that are looking for a simple yet safe solution for generating nitrox.


Oxygen cylinder B-BLENDING system High-pressure nitrox compressor External filling panel for nitrox
Supplies oxygen Mixes oxygen and ambient air Compression up to 300 bar Fills nitrox cylinders

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How B-BLENDING works

How B-BLENDING works
How B-BLENDING works
  1. Through the air filter, ambient air is drawn in and fed through a particle filter for pre-cleaning before it is directed into the blending duct.

  2. Pure oxygen in breathing air quality is fed into the blending duct from an external oxygen cylinder. Quantities are precisely controlled by a proportional valve.

  3. In the blending duct the pre-cleaned ambient air and oxygen are combined in the proportion previously set by the user. The blending duct interior is designed to ensure homogeneous blending.

  4. A sensor at the mid-point of the blending duct measures the oxygen content of the nitrox blend and sends feedback to the control unit.

  5. The B-CONTROL II Compressor Control Unit is the control centre of the B-BLENDING system.
    It monitors the oxygen content of the nitrox blend in real time and regulates the oxygen feed via the proportional valve. The BAUER Nitrox Compressor shuts down immediately if a deviation from the setting is detected.

  6. The nitrox blend is now compressed to its final pressure by the BAUER Nitrox Compressor.
Nitrox compressor delivery rate ¹, ² B-BLENDING mixing panel HIGH-PRESSURE MODULE
l/min cfm Weight [kg] Dimensions [cm]  
260 9.2 19 16 × 40 × 62 MV260-OX
320 11.5 19 16 × 40 × 62 MARINER320-E-OX
320 11.5 19 16 × 40 × 62 MV320-OX
450 16 19 16 × 40 × 62 V450-OX

¹ Measured with cylinder filling from 0 to 200 bar, ±5%
² For additional compressor data, see BAUER Nitrox compressors
³ For the Super-Silent version, the weight is approx. 50 kg higher