News 2014

Munich, August 26, 2014

The new external display for the B-CONTROL MICRO

The new external B-CONTROL MICRO Display from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN offers an appealing and practicable solution that customers have requested many times: Very often the compressor unit is physically separate due to the installation conditions, and frequently far away from the filling devices in a different area: This is a barrier to fast and easy operation of the system.

Thanks to the new external B-CONTROL MICRO display, the filling of compressed air cylinders can now be controlled quickly and easily: The compact metal housing has a wall-mounted design and includes a B-CONTROL MICRO control with a full range of functions. All relevant system information can be reliably retrieved via the brilliant 3.5 inch colour display. In worldwide usage, the information can be shown on the display in virtually any language. Communication between the external display and compressor as well as the power supply is carried out simultaneously via a single bus cable (available separately). BAUER maintains stocks of cables with lengths up to 100 metres to meet every requirement.

This allows the compressor unit to be operated remotely, even across large distances. The compressor can therefore be set up in a different building or part of the building, for example, with the external display installed close to the operator in a control room, in the customer area of a diving shop or in a fire services compressor room.

The external display can be combined with any compressor unit from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN constructed since 5/2014 and equipped with a B-CONTROL MICRO with colour display. Retrofitting is also possible with ease.

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