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Munich, May 22, 2014

Student research powered by BAUER

The racing car of the Munich Motorsports e.V. team brakes briefly before accelerating out of the curve at full speed. Hochschule München (Munich University of Applied Sciences) is the institution behind the team; its dedicated student members are engaged in developing a racing car for the "Formula Student" racing series, in which teams of student developers measure their mettle on the race track.

Braking, declutching, changing gear and accelerating: the difference between success and failure involves fractions of a second and the perfection of technology. Because every gram of vehicle weight counts, the design team decided against heavy hydraulic systems and instead installed a 300-bar composite pressure vessel to power the brake and clutch systems. The vessel is filled by a JUNIOR II compressor from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN, which provides a reliable supply of pure air for the safety-critical systems.

Development of the vehicle for the 2014 race began last September, when a team of designers drew up a list of changes and improvements to the previous year's entry. A flurry of activity followed as chassis, vehicle and engine were scrutinized for opportunities to reduce weight and individual components were refined, modified, perfected and subjected to laboratory testing.

In mid-April the new vehicles were ceremonially presented to the public as part of the "rollouts".
The vehicles are currently speeding around the test track in realistic conditions before being overhauled in the Development Centre at 21, Lothstrasse.

This week BAUER KOMPRESSOREN has the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at this "inner sanctum". Gero Mösslinger, head of the Sponsoring and Event Organization team, gives me a tour of the individual workshops and design office. I'm stunned at the level of professionalism on show – the aerodynamic carbon-fibre chassis of the Formula Student racer looks for all the world like a miniature Formula 1 car – and also very proud that BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is on board and contributing to the team's success.

Grazian Eller and Dominik Kögl, who head the "Powertrain Combustion" team, are currently working on the fuel injection system in the assembly shop. Tomorrow the vehicle will return to the test circuit at Aschheim or the airport at Jesenwang. It will complete one of many more test runs before September, all aimed at ensuring that the vehicle on the starting-grid at Hockenheim is a perfect piece of technology.

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