News 2012

Munich, July 13, 2012

International visitors crowd the ACHEMA booth of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

The world's largest exhibition for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology ended last week in Frankfurt with a host of potential customers at the widely praised BAUER KOMPRESSOREN booth. The highlight was BAUER's exhibit of a water- or air-cooled 23 compressor, which is used in numerous fields in the oil and gas industry.

The unit can be used as a booster or a compressor with atmospheric intake in both the medium-pressure range from 25 bar and the high-pressure range up to 420 bar, for a free air delivery of up to 370 m³/h. But this product represents only a fraction of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN's extensive product range.

In addition to the European attendance, the majority of visitors came from Asia and Eastern Europe. Their areas of interest were turnkey gas filling stations, hydrogen compressors and biogas systems, as well as the proven high-pressure systems for air and nitrogen made by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is already looking forward to the next ACHEMA, as a very important highlight for both the oil and gas industry and the process industry!

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