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German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and Philipp Bayat, managing director of the BAUER group refuelling a natural gas vehicle

Dr. Angela Merkel and Philipp Bayat at the opening of the BAUER natural gas filling station

Munich, May 26, 2010

Angela Merkel inaugurates BAUER natural gas filling station in Abu Dhabi

During her official visit to the United Arab Emirates, German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel inaugurated the first natural gas filling station in Abu Dhabi. Besides this contracts were signed between BAUER KOMPRESSOREN and the state gas authority GASCO about the delivery of 12 further plants. The value of this order is in the tens of millions.

Munich, 26th May 2010 – Munich firm BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is successfully building a network of gas filling stations in Abu Dhabi.On May 25th German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel ceremonially opened the first productive plant in Khalifa City. Before, the test runs of 17 plants already delivered had been successfully finished. After speeches of the CEO of Abu Dhabi’s state oil and gas company ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company), German Chancellor Merkel and Philipp Bayat, managing director of the BAUER-group, the plant went into service. Before the opening BAUER KOMPRESSOREN and Abu Dhabi’s state gas company GASCO signed a contract on the delivery of 12 further plants. The value of this order is in the tens of millions.

The state oil and gas concern ADNOC holds 10 percent of global oil reserves and has significant natural gas extraction plants. The concern put the large contract out for international tender in August 2006. The project was initiated by the Executive Council under the leadership of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and is a high priority for the government of Abu Dhabi.

Besides technological superiority, what tipped the balance in favour of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN over competitors from all over the world was the firm’s sophisticated safety concept and its comprehensive range of services. At BAUER KOMPRESSOREN, all production steps from the raw cast parts to the finished complete system are all inhouse. For the extreme environmental conditions in Abu Dhabi – sand storms, daytime temperatures of almost 55°C outside and 70°C inside together with damp, salty, extremely corrosive air – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN developed a sophisticated air-conditioning and protection concept for ADNOC.

Since the subjects of environmental protection and petrol prices increasingly dominate the public debate, the natural gas fuel sector is booming all over the world.

The BAUER Group has developed from the family firm BAUER KOMPRESSOREN into a globally active technology company with a focus on the industrial production and conditioning of air and gas. The company is divided into the five corporate segments of highpressure breathing air, high-pressure industrial air & gas, natural gas filling stations, gas injection technology and screw compressors.

The 17 international subsidiaries employ more than 800 people. In 2008 the company achieved a turnover of approx. 140 million Euro, around 90 percent of which was generated outside Germany. Besides Germany, the BAUER Group operates assembly plants in North America, England and France and has subsidiaries in Italy, France, Austria, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China, Egypt, UAE, Australia, the Russian Federation and India. BAUER KOMPRESSOREN was founded in 1946 and began its climb to the top with production of its own low-pressure compressors for the farming industry, later for general industrial needs. In 1956, development of high-pressure compressors for filling diving bottles and fire-fighting breathing bottles laid the foundations for the global success the company enjoys today. From 1970 onwards, large-scale plants for industrial applications and seismic investigations were developed. The move into production of its own natural gas filling stations started in the mid 70s. In the 1980s there followed solutions for plastic injection using the gas internal pressure technique.

In the mid 1980s, as one of the first manufacturers in Germany, the company began to develop full natural gas filling stations for environmentally-friendly and low-emission vehicle fuel. Over the last 10 years BAUER KOMPRESSOREN has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the world’s leading producers and the Number 1 in Europe.

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