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Andi Peter und Thomas Reim with their new OCEANUS expediton kompressor

Andi Peter und Thomas Reim visiting the BAUER compressor block production

Andi Peters taking BAUER employees on a thrilling journey to old wrecks down in the North Sea

Munich, le 17 mai 2018

Wreck diver Andi Peters visits BAUER

North Sea diver Andi Peters is a well-known public figure from his many TV appearances. Peters had always wanted to see for himself how the BAUER compressors he uses in his expeditions were made – from rough cast to fully operational system. After all, in his 20-year career of daredevil ocean exploration, he has always relied on breathing air provided by the market leader for sports diving compressors. Last week the opportunity finally arose for him to travel almost 1000 kilometres from Flensburg in the far north of Germany to Geretsried, south of Munich. His new mobile BAUER OCEANUS was ready! The new expedition compressor had been fully tested and was awaiting collection at the BAUER plant before being put into action in the 2018 season.
At the BAUER Academy, two places on a compressor maintenance course had been reserved for Peters himself and his team colleague, Thomas Reim.
After one day each learning about the theory and practice of compressors under the watchful eye of the experienced director of the Academy, Martin Stein, the two are now confident that they can carry out all the necessary maintenance tasks on the compressor themselves. The following day they were taken on a tour of the plant, starting with prefabrication operations and finishing at compressor assembly in the cutting-edge Werk 2 facility. Andi Peters and Thomas Reim were particularly impressed by BAUER’s enormous quality assurance efforts and end-to-end quality monitoring throughout the production process. After the tour, Peters was presented with his brand-new compressor directly at the assembly floor.
In the evening, the two diving experts repaid the favour by staging an exciting two-hour multimedia show for BAUER employees. The talk, accompanied by photos and video clips and presenting numerous original finds, traced personal stories and fates of ships’ crews and passengers from history, and impressively documented the huge challenges facing man and material during diving expeditions in the ruthless, raging North Sea.

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