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12.11.2020 – B-NEWS

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Newsletter: Issue 2/20 En savoir plus


BAUER has launched a comprehensive product drive in its Breathing Air and Industry sectors, focusing on expanding the variety of models on offer – to the benefit of customers. En savoir plus

05.09.2020 – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN UK - OIL & GAS Project

At the end of 2020, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN UK will hand over one of the largest system projects ever to be commissioned and developed in the entire history of the company. En savoir plus

06.08.2020 – B-NEWS

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Newsletter: Issue 1/20 En savoir plus

08.07.2020 – Dive and Drive – The ultimate road trip – with a diving compressor from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

Underwater photographer Tobias Friedrich and his partner, Patricia Guardiola Rico, have a dream that is probably shared by many other divers – with the difference that they are making theirs come true. The couple is setting off on a motorhome tour and exploring the best underwater diving spots along the way in the company of well-known locals. Onboard a brand new PE200-TB mobile compressor from BAUER En savoir plus