Les News 2015

02.11.2015 – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Australie – CAVPOWER par CAT – Structure de test de moteurs GNV australienne pour les moteurs CAT

À l'automne 2015, la structure CAVPOWER par CAT à Adélaïde en Australie-Méridionale, alimentée via l'équipement de compression CNG 45 par BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Australie, a officiellement ouvert ses portes. En savoir plus

14.10.2015 – B-NEWS

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Newsletter: Issue 3/15 En savoir plus

01.10.2015 – BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS (France) 30th Anniversary

On 1st October 2015 we celebrated BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS 30th Anniversary with over 50 customer and guests on its premises in Aix-les-Bains, France. En savoir plus

04.09.2015 – Firefighting under pressure

Firefighters need to have top physical fitness even for “normal” operations. And fitness becomes even more essential when they need to wear breathing apparatus during fires or in contaminated environments – and have to carry equipment that can easily exceed 30 kilos in weight. En savoir plus

24.07.2015 – BAUER GROUP funds new Wendy house for Temenos centre in Gelting / Geretsried (Germany)

Dr Bayat and Mr Bauer visited the Temenos House, which opened in May 2015, in Gelting today. The centre has space for 18 babies, plus 38 playschool places and 16 after-school care places. En savoir plus

23.07.2015 – Le nouveau POSEIDON EDITION PE-MVE – De grandes performances à un prix imbattable

Pour tous ceux qui étaient à la recherche d'un compresseur d'air respirable à isolation acoustique avec une surface de pose réduite et, dans le même temps, un bon débit, le MINI VERTICUS III de BAUER constituait jusqu'à présent le premier choix. Il existe désormais, avec le nouveau modèle PE-MVE de POSEIDON EDITION, une alternative extrêmement attrayante notamment en ce qui concerne le prix !

En savoir plus

09.07.2015 – B-NEWS

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Newsletter: Issue 2/15. En savoir plus

25.06.2015 – Minister of State Ilse Aigner visits the new BAUER plant at Geretsried

On 19 June 2015 the municipality of Geretsried was awarded the title of “2014 Energy Transition Council” by Ilse Aigner, Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs, Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, for its exemplary activities in the field of energy. Despite her tight schedule, Minister Aigner took the time to tour the plants of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN and UNICCOMP as flagship examples of owner-managed companies in the region. Heinz Bauer, the second-generation head of BAUER, and... En savoir plus

22.06.2015 – BAUER at Interschutz 2015

Early June 2015; the scene: Hanover Exhibition Centre. Sirens wail as a fire truck races towards a burning car and screeches to a halt. Firefighters leap out and extinguish the flames in mounds of foam. A few metres further on, flames crackle into the sky amid billowing clouds of dark smoke. Passers-by might take this for some kind of major disaster – but in fact, the incident is a series of product demonstrations in the activity area of this year’s Interschutz, better known as “Roter Hahn”... En savoir plus

27.04.2015 – Visiting the Emir of Qatar with the Bavarian Prime Minister

On 21st April, our Chairman Philipp Bayat accompanied the Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer during his state visit of Qatar, together with other delegates from Siemens, Linde and Airbus. En savoir plus

09.04.2015 – B-NEWS

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Newsletter: Issue 1/15. En savoir plus

25.03.2015 – Corporate video with photos of the Grand Opening Ceremony at BKM, Geretsried near to Munich

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH (BKM) held a Grand Opening Ceremony of its new assembly plant at Geretsried yesterday. En savoir plus

20.02.2015 – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN supplies high-pressure systems for SEATTLE SAFETY

Where vehicle safety is concerned, all roads lead to SEATTLE SAFETY. The sled test systems developed by this prestigious US company are used in crash test simulations by virtually every well-known manufacturer throughout the world. En savoir plus

16.01.2015 – BAUER's COMPACT-LINE goes mobile

The COMPACT-LINE compressors represent the smallest, most compact models that BAUER's product range has to offer. But despite coming in at just 45 kilos on the scales, that figure means very little when the equipment becomes a weight you have to carry – especially if your diving destination has to be reached on foot. That's why our new trolley is sure to prove a welcome addition in situations like these. En savoir plus