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B-DETECTION ensures the rigorous quality requirements of Guttroff

Munich, le 18 juin 2018

Company Guttroff relies on BAUER B-DETECTION PLUS

Medium-sized family-run company Guttroff produces and sells gases in various purity categories and compositions for a wide variety of applications.
An important area of operations for the company is the production of compressed breathing air for hospitals and medical facilities. The air is delivered by
a high-performance latest-generation BAUER VERTICUS compressor with integrated P-Purification system. Once again, breathing-air specialist HubSys
Airtech partnered the design and installation of the custom compressor system.
Seamless end-to-end monitoring and documentation of the quality of the breathing air supplied is essential if the product is to comply with the rigorous safety standards applied throughout the medical sector.
This task is fulfilled by the online gas measurement system B-DETECTION PLUS, which records measurement values and stores them in a device log to provide legal certainty for the operator.
If threshold values are exceeded,the B-DETECTION PLUS prevents air contaminated with harmful levels of moisture, CO, CO2, O2 or VOCs from being filled into the cylinders by diverting the non-conforming air to the outside or, if necessary, shutting  down the system. A further safety benefit for Guttroff’s customers, who can rely completely on the quality of the air they receive.

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