Les News 2018

The BAUER Team prepared for exhibition start

Heinz Bauer as guest of honor on stage at the renowned "Tauchen Award" diving event

Expedition diver Andi Peters relies since 20 years on compressors made by BAUER

First diving experience for Richard Schmidt (BAUER GROUP) at the "boot" divecenter, enjoying BAUER breathing air

Munich, le 23 février 2018

Boot Trade Show 2018 - BAUER takes centre stage.

The BAUER stand, this time in an all-new ‘dive boat’ design, attracted crowds of visitors. Its most popular exhibit was the online breathing air measurement system, B-DETECTION PLUS. Headlined ‘FOR YOUR PROTECTION’, it continuously monitored the composition of the ambient air in a permanent product demonstration. Many visitors to the stand were shocked at the high levels of carbon dioxide in the hall, which rose again throughout the day as visitor numbers soared; in some cases, they were four times as high as the limit values required in the current EN 12021 Breathing Air Standard. Without purification using a BAUER AERO-GUARD System for CO2 extraction, this air would be unusable for diving purposes.
BAUER KOMPRESSOREN therefore provided a brand-new VERTICUS breathing air compressor for the new Dive Center at boot; combined with AERO-GUARD, the compressor supplied highly pure breathing air in compliance with the EU standard for the trade show’s diving fans.

The prestigious Tauchen [Diving] Award turned the spotlight on Heinz Bauer as the guest of honour. Taking the stage to enthusiastic applause, Heinz Bauer gave a speech in which he reminisced about overseeing the launch of the first working compressor for sports diving under the UTILUS brand. Thomas Sobotta from PADI, receiving an award for the best training organisation, spoke for many other members of the diving industry when he expressed his thanks and recognition of Bauer’s achievements.

On a tour of the trade show, Heinz Bauer was treated to a personal presentation of North Sea diver Andi Peters’ mini-submarine, the smallest in the world – but a huge attraction in the diving hall. Peters, a well-known figure in Germany after the success of his TV series for DMAX, ‘Die Wracktaucher’ (The Wreck Divers), has relied on BAUER breathing air compressors for over 20 years. On the Dive Tower stage, he gave a presentation of his projects and stressed the crucial importance of his reliable and functioning breathing air supply from BAUER as the key to the success of his risky and challenging expeditions.
Frank Schweikert, Chair of the German Ocean Foundation, was present at the campaign stand set up by the ocean protection initiative, ‘Love Your Ocean’. Like Andi Peters, Schweikert’s research ship project, ‘Aldebaran’, has always relied on breathing air from a high-performance BAUER compressor.

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