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Especially attractive: the new PE Series as PE-NITROX model for membrane systems

MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS series for helium and argon compression

GIB 15.41 booster system

BK 26 and BK 52 series are now available as boosters

Munich, le 15 octobre 2019

BAUER expands its product portfolio

Brand-new NITROX compressor series from BAUER
Nitrox divers will be delighted to hear that the brand-new POSEIDON EDITION nitrox compressor series will be launched for the new season. These OX-optimized compressor systems offer charging rates of 320– 700 l/min. They are designed for nitrox membrane systems and are certified by leading technical testing and certification company TÜV SÜD for compression of mixtures with up to 40 per cent oxygen.

The strict standards of the B-NITROX concept require the use of four-stage compressor blocks and oxygen-optimized components and lubricants, as well as temperature monitoring of the gas flow at each stage and at the oil/water separator.

Range of new industrial systems
BAUER has added some extremely attractive products to its portfolio of largescale industrial systems for pressures of up to 500 bar. The BK 26 and BK 52 series are now available as boosters and as the GIB 26.12 screw/booster combination for final pressures of up to 500 bar, while the BK 52 is available for pressures up to 420 bar.
A real star in the VERTICUS and PE-VE sector is the GIB 15.41 booster system. With free air delivery of up to 830 l/min and maximum final pressure of 350 bar, it sets the standard for this sector. Enhancing cost-effectiveness in a compact design, compressors in the MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS series for helium and argon compression are now available in basic configurations with combined intake and condensate reservoirs.

Quality is the paramount standard
Irrespective of the product, BAUER always adheres to uncompromising quality. Even series-produced compressors undergo repeated rigorous inspections at our in-house quality testing centre. The mobile PE 300 TE system has just completed 8000-hour endurance testing to examine the long-term impact of varying temperatures and speeds up to 1800 rpm. The outstanding results of the tests confirm our experience in practice; no negative effects from higher speeds could be found and in line with expectations, it was once again possible to confirm that the high quality of BAUER compressor blocks makes them ideal for use in the harshest conditions at a variety of speeds.

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