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The BAUER stand at boot, in brand-new design

BAUER's trade show team at boot

The new PE-MVE breathing air compressor in striking aquarium design

Crowds thronged the first "HAPPY BAUER"

Munich, le 01 février 2016

BAUER at the boot show 2016

The trade show “boot”, recently opened in Düsseldorf, had an almost unprecedented flood of visitors in its first few days.

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN stand, in an all-new design, was a magnet for visitors. Products on display included the debut of the PE-MVE, a soundproofed stationary system with output of up to 300 l/min offering outstanding cost-effectiveness. The eye-catching aquarium design of the system’s side doors also helped to attract a constant stream of interested visitors.

The increasing importance of air quality monitoring was clear to see in the interest shown in the B-DETECTION product series by trade show attendees. B-DETECTION BASIC and MOBILE provide continuous monitoring of limit values for carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) during compressor operation, in accordance with the DIN EN 12012:201 standard for respiratory devices. The top-of-the-line B-DETECTION PRO model offers a range of additional features including dew point measurement to monitor the moisture content of the compressed breathing air.

A further product drawing the crowds at the BAUER stand is the new B-BLENDING System, which produces high-precision nitrox blends with up to 40% oxygen content. These blends can then be compressed to pressures as low as 220 bar by a BAUER NITROX compressor (at boot, this was a mobile MARINER 320 system) in perfect safety thanks to the system’s TÜV certification, before they are filled into nitrox cylinders.

The HAPPY BAUER has become a popular evening meeting-point in the Diving hall and is an ideal place to relax and chat after a tiring trade show day. The throngs at the bar on the first evening of the trade show proved to be quite a challenge for the now-legendary BIER VERTICUS beer dispenser, and required continuous operation – but the converted compressor naturally passed the test with flying colours!


The BAUER Group is a rapidly expanding, family-run medium-sized company with over 1200 employees around the world. With a turnover of around EUR 250 million, an export share of over 90% and assembly sites in the USA, Europe and Asia, the BAUER GROUP is a leading player on the global medium-and high-pressure market. The BAUER GROUP is best-known internationally for its compressors for filling breathing air cylinders, which are used by fire crews and divers. Other product areas include natural gas and biogas refuelling systems and special plants for all industrial applications, such as the chemical, petrochemical, automotive, oil, gas and power station industries.

Together with its companies UNICCOMP GmbH and BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH, the BAUER GROUP has developed a reputation in Geretsried as an attractive employer with good internal training opportunities.

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