Noticias 2021

Five high-powered BAUER CFS 26.10 compressor systems refuel up to 120 buses a day

Múnich, 26 de febrero de 2021

E.ON and BAUER – Working together to protect the climate

The public transport authority in Gothenburg, Sweden, has made an important contribution to climate protection by installing a new natural gas fuelling station. The fuelling station was commissioned by EON Sweden and installed by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN in early February. It comprises three connected units. Inside, a total of five high-powered CFS 26.10 compressor systems operate alternately to achieve a total output capacity of 1960 m³/h. This is equivalent to a maximum of around 10 to 12 tonnes of gas per day – enough to refuel up to 120 buses.
To ensure the operation of the fuelling station is carbon-neutral, EON feeds the same volume of biogas used in refuelling back into the gas grid. The new gas fuelling station in Gothenburg is the latest of over 40 fuelling station projects to be realized in cooperation with EON Sweden. Thanks to this smoothly running partnership, the fuelling station was installed on schedule and was ready to start operations without delay.

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