Noticias 2022

23/12/2022 – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN receives top brand accolade in the Maldives

During the sixth Maldives Boating Award, the coveted title of "Most Preferred Dive Compressor Brand of the Year" was awarded to global market leader BAUER KOMPRESSOREN. Más al respecto

07/10/2022 – Philipp Bayat: acompañando al canciller alemán Olaf Scholz a Arabia Saudí y los países del Golfo

Philipp Bayat, Presidente del Consejo de Administración de BAUER GROUP, formó parte destacada de la delegación de empresas alemanas que visitó Arabia Saudí, Qatar y los Emiratos Árabes Unidos (EAU) los días 24 y 25 de septiembre de 2022. Al frente de la delegación estaba Olaf Scholz, canciller de Alemania. Más al respecto

06/09/2022 – BAUER high pressure system enpowers sustainable Mobility Project on EXPO Dubai

At Expo Dubai, over 24 million visitors from 178 countries seized the opportunity to take a fascinating look into the future of humanity. The BAUER GROUP occupied various pavilions presenting an ultra- sustainable and innovative mobility solution. Más al respecto

08/08/2022 – B-NEWS

The BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Newsletter: Issue 1/22 Más al respecto

18/07/2022 – BAUER's legendary portable classics redefined

For the past two decades, the legendary product quality of BAUER’s JUNIOR II, OCEANUS and PE 100 has set the benchmark for mobile breathing air compressors in diving applications.

Now the latest generation in this sector has raised the bar even higher. Más al respecto

29/04/2022 – Setting a great example: BAUER employees provide fantastic support for Ukraine

The BAUER GROUP is extremely proud of the great work being done by our employees. Más al respecto

01/03/2022 – Now with final pressure up to 300 bar: the new B-NITROX system families from BAUER

BAUER’s VERTICUS, MINI-VERTICUS and PE-VE families of stationary compressors are now approved for nitrox compression up to 300 bar final pressure. Más al respecto

31/01/2022 – BAUER supplies breathing air for a research diving expedition in the South Seas

BAUER supported the expedition via its BAUER COMPRESSORS ASIA branch, which arranged for the contribution of a mobile JUNIOR II. The rugged and indestructible item of kit was supplied by BAUER’s service partner, Tahiti Sports Más al respecto