Noticias 2020

The two adventurers just before starting their trip

Patricia and Tobias receiving their brandnew PE TB 200 mobile compressor

Loading the equipment and last preparations

Múnich, 08 de julio de 2020

Dive and Drive – The ultimate road trip – with a diving compressor from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

Underwater photographer Tobias Friedrich and his partner, Patricia Guardiola Rico, have a dream that is probably shared by many other divers – with the difference that they are making theirs come true. The couple is setting off on a motorhome tour and exploring the best underwater diving spots along the way in the company of well-known locals. For example, they’ll meet free diver Phil Sima to visit the Verzasca granite labyrinth and join shark expert Isaias Cruz in Bilbao to go face to face with Atlantic blue and mako sharks. Further destinations along their route will be the caves and caverns at Alicante, the colourful gorgonian forests off the Costa Brava, and Second World War submarine wrecks at Marseilles.

On this journey, which will be a celebration of freedom and independence, many of the dives will be in remote areas. Here Tobias and Patricia will naturally need an onboard supply of pure breathing air which is safe, reliable and – most important of all –independent of a mains power source. The solution is a petrol-driven mobile BAUER compressor. The brand-new PE200-TB from the POSEIDON EDITION series, with its sleek new fan protector, has far more to offer than good looks; the iconic design also optimizes the cooling air flow, making the compressor the ideal choice for use at diving locations where high temperatures can pose a challenge. Despite an impressive charging rate of 200 litres per minute, the PE200-TB fits so smoothly into the motorhome luggage space that it could have been made for it.

When collecting the compressor, the adventurers took the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art BAUER assembly plant in Geretsried, south of Munich, before heading off to southern climes on their exciting journey. BAUER wishes them both a great trip and lots of fun and thrills!

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