Noticias 2019

Enormous: the biggest natural gas refuelling station on the Arabian peninsula.

Concentrated power: the natural gas for the refuelling station is compressed and stored here.

10 CNG trailers of this kind can refuel simultaneously.

Múnich, 21 de agosto de 2019

Mahawi - Abu Dhabi’s natural gas refuelling station

During the project planning and construction phases, BAUER was able to draw on a wealth of experience from its previous 35 refuelling-station projects in partnership with the state oil and gas company, ADNOC Distributions. Sand, high humidity and extreme temperatures all require extensive specialist expertise.

At Mahawi Station, two Trio III systems are in operation. The “III” in the name indicates that these advanced systems are driven by three CFS 26.14-90 compressor kits per building. These compressors are high-performance, high-pressure – and highly reliable. Air-conditioning systems on an appropriate scale provide essential cooling, coping with temperatures that can soar to over 50 degrees in the desert summer. The vast volumes of highly compressed gas require generously proportioned buffer storage capacities. This is provided by two high-pressure storage banks combining 300 80-litre cylinders, which offer a total volume of 24m3. A volume that enables 10 trailer units and four passenger vehicles – usually taxis travelling to and from the nearby airport – to refuel simultaneously.

The trailer units are transported from the refuelling station to “daughter stations” that are not yet connected to the gas grid, or signposted “City Gas Supply“ and positioned in cities to supply CNG to local production facilities and private households.

After one year of full-scale operation, the results are outstanding: the systems have clocked up over 5000 hours of smooth, fault-free operation with availability rates of over 98 per cent! The remaining two per cent were accounted for by regular maintenance works.

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