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Crashtest dummy on servosled in customer lab

Passenger cabin on servosled in customer lab

Múnich, 20 de febrero de 2015

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN supplies high-pressure systems for SEATTLE SAFETY

Where vehicle safety is concerned, all roads lead to SEATTLE SAFETY. The sled test systems developed by this prestigious US company are used in crash test simulations by virtually every well-known manufacturer throughout the world. SEATTLE SAFETY has achieved this leading status by supplying highly complex systems to rigorous standards of accuracy, providing testers with full control of all testing parameters in every possible direction. A key element of the systems is a supply of air highly compressed to 300 bar which drives the high-precision acceleration of the test sled. Computer-controlled servo braking controls speed and force to the utmost levels of accuracy. The convincing package of services offered by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN won the company the status of partner of choice for SEATTLE SAFETY in the field of compressed air supply. BAUER KOMPRESSOREN provides a range of predefined packages to meet SEATTLE SAFETY’s requirements for all its test system models. Depending on their size, the test rigs incorporate modules each comprising two VERTICUS I 180 soundproofed high-pressure compact compressors or, optionally, larger BK 23 water-cooled models.

A critical factor in SEATTLE SAFETY’s final decision – in addition to the legendary reliability of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN products – was the BAUER GROUP’s global network of subsidiaries and agents, guaranteeing rapid service and dependable parts replacement service. Furthermore, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN can provide certification of its systems to all major international standards.

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