Noticias 2014

Múnich, 04 de noviembre de 2014

Y40 – With BAUER breathing air in the deepest indoor diving pool in the world

The attractive, sleek glass facade gives little indication of what lies behind it – namely the opportunity for divers, both scuba and free divers, to plunge to depths of up to 42 metres. This new world record for indoor diving pools is confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records plaque at the reception desk. But Y40’s unique diving experience offers more. At water temperatures of 32 to 34 degrees, divers can leave their neoprene at home. The thermal water comes out of the earth at this heat and is purified – retaining all its valuable minerals – before being fed into the diving pool. “Spa meets diving”, so to speak!

The way to the pool and changing-rooms leads through a glass tunnel that passes right through the pool at a depth of around two metres. The décor features sophisticated ceramics and matte brushed steel surfaces, clearly showing the level of investment that has gone into the complex.
And the same applies to the divers’ air supply.
Two high-powered, soundproofed BAUER KOMPRESSOREN compression systems deliver a total output of 1,400 litres of air to meet the high demand. To demonstrate to divers that clean, safe breathing air is a top priority at Y40, the pool operators made sure to obtain BAUER KOMPRESSOREN’s own in-house PureAir System certificate. This certification specifies inspection of the filling chamber, use of original BAUER filter cartridges and the use of a B-SECURUS filter monitor, and also includes regular air testing using the AERO-TEST laboratory.

Although Y40 has been open for barely five months, the crowds of visitors flocking to the pool prove that its concept of uniting uncompromising quality with safety is bearing fruit and is thoroughly appreciated by divers.

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