Новости 2015

Мюнхене, 16.01.2015

BAUER's COMPACT-LINE goes mobile

The COMPACT-LINE compressors represent the smallest, most compact models that BAUER's product range has to offer. But despite coming in at just 45 kilos on the scales, that figure means very little when the equipment becomes a weight you have to carry – especially if your diving destination has to be reached on foot. That's why our new trolley is sure to prove a welcome addition in situations like these.
Fastening JUNIOR II or OCEANUS equipment to the trolley takes no time at all: just a quick turn of the handle, and the compressor is secured and safe as houses.

Thanks to the trolley's ultra-stable design, it is even possible to operate the compressor directly on it. The wide pneumatic tyres also ensure an exceptionally smooth ride – even coarse ground and sand are no match for them.

The length of the conveniently dimensioned handle can be adjusted, allowing it to be adapted to suit people's individual heights perfectly. And thanks to the quick-release clamps, the handle can be removed for space-saving transportation in a car boot.

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