Scope of delivery, basic version

Standard module

  • Storage bottle(s) upright, mounted on console; connection at the top (350 bar, 500 bar cylinders) or at the bottom (330 bar, 420 bar cylinders), with safety valve and pressure gauge, shut-off valve and bleed valve.

Add-on module

  • To expand the standard modules above in any size for increased volume.
  • Scope of delivery as per standard module but without pressure gauge and safety valve

Storage module horizontal (B 800 ... B 3360)

  • Storage bottle PN330, 80 litres, number according to table
  • Complete with pipes
  • Steel frame with lifting eyes
  • 1, 2, or 3-rack system

Option: Safety valve, pressure gauge, fuse

Technical information
The pressure vessels meet the requirements of German regulations governing stationary installation.
Gases: Group 1 (CNG) and group 2 (air, N2, noble gases) | (B 50 / B 100 – 500 bar version: air, nitrogen only)

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN holds H/H1 certification for the B 50, B 80, B 100 and B 160 high-pressure storage systems. This means that individual acceptance testing and approval by the TÜV is no longer necessary if these systems are installed on the compressor ex-works.

For more detailed information, see the technical data sheets and quotations.